Kristen Crum

Kristen Crum: the Belmont Mansion's Director of Operations by day, and your fairy godmother of matrimonial bliss by... also day.

Imagine a wizard, if you will, whose wand is an old soul tuned to the frequency of love across the ages, and whose spells are cast with a laughter that echoes through the halls of every wedding she touches.

Her potion of choice? A steaming cup of coffee, the elixir of life that fuels her passion and creativity for crafting unforgettable weddings.

With an MBA from Liberty University tucked in her belt and a coffee cup perpetually in hand, Kristen is the strategic genius behind the curtain, orchestrating your big day with the precision of a maestro and the warmth of your favorite barista. Yes, she's that person who knows your coffee order by heart and believes that behind every successful wedding, there's a substantial amount of caffeine.

But Kristen's talents don't end when the last dance fades. Oh no, she's also the queen of the cozy kingdom, where board games reign supreme, Netflix queues are endless adventures, and books by the fire are portals to other worlds. She's the friend you've always wanted, ready to debate the merits of Monopoly strategies, share the remote during a series marathon, or discuss the latest coffee trends and the perfect roast for wedding mornings.

And let's not forget her eclectic music taste, a veritable mixtape of love anthems and toe-tapping tunes that she might just sneak into your wedding playlist. From the swinging 60s to today's top hits, she believes every love story has its soundtrack, and she's determined to find yours, all while sipping on her favorite latte.

So, if you're looking for a wedding that's less of a procedure and more of a celebration, Kristen's your go-to guru. She's not just in it for the cake tasting (though, let's be honest, that's a pretty sweet perk); she's here to make sure your wedding is the stuff of legends. With Kristen at your side, your big day will be less about stress and more about dancing, laughing, and maybe even a little board gaming under the stars—all powered by love and a good cup of coffee. Let's make your wedding not just a day to remember, but a story to be retold, with Kristen Crum as your co-author in love and caffeine.

Have we mentioned COFFEE?!?!?!

Wedding Party

Introducing Stephanie Ayscue: part animal whisperer, part wedding superhero, and the undisputed all-in-one of the Belmont Mansion—where she not only tied the knot herself but now spends her days orchestrating matrimonial magic for others. Picture if Cinderella and Doctor Dolittle had a love child, who was then raised in the enchanting world of weddings and wild raccoon adventures. That's Stephanie in a nutshell.

As Kristen's right-hand woman, Stephanie is the Swiss Army knife of wedding planning, with a twist. Need someone to guide you down the aisle with the grace of a gazelle? Check. Fancy a cocktail that's part mixology, part magic? She's your mixologist extraordinaire. And when it comes to transforming the Belmont Mansion from a sleepy beauty into a bride's dream venue, Stephanie's up at the crack of dawn, ensuring every detail is perfect, from table setups to the last fairy light, long after the moon has risen.

But here's where it gets even more interesting: Stephanie fosters raccoons. Yes, you read that right. When she's not turning wedding dreams into reality, she's at home, convincing her furry, masked houseguests that humans are friends, not foes. She swears that one day, amidst the chaos of linens and love songs, one of her raccoon pals will break the species barrier and give her a hug. It's this blend of optimism and dedication that she brings to every wedding, making sure that every moment is filled with love, laughter, and maybe a little wildlife wisdom.

Complaining? Not in her world. Dull moments? Impossible with raccoons around. Saying no? Only if it's to a raccoon raiding the wedding cake. Stephanie is the dream wedding package, compacted into one powerhouse of a person, with a side of wild animal rescue. With her at your wedding helm, your big day is guaranteed to be as flawless as it is unforgettable. So, if you're ready for a wedding day that's as meticulously planned as it is wildly heartwarming, Stephanie Ayscue is your go-to guru. After all, anyone who can manage a raccoon can surely handle your in-laws.