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Caesars Casino

DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Caesars Virginia has opened a temporary casino. The permanent one is being built now, which is set to open in 2025.
Groundwork has already begun for the temporary casino on the former Dan River Schoolfield site on West Main Street.
“Having it located somewhat in the heart of Danville, but also on an area that would have been challenging to redevelop, does two things,” said Ken Larking, Danville city manager. “We’ll bring some visitors into our community. They’ll be able to see different parts of Danville. We’re hoping to also encourage them to go to the River District and experience other parts of Danville and the other counties in our area.”
The smaller casino will feature table games, electronic machines and restaurants, but it will not have hotel rooms.

Expected open date of July 2025

“We’re hoping that the hotels that are here in our community can handle that influx of visitors. Thankfully, we’ve got some hotels that are either just newly constructed and are just now open over the past few months, plus some that are currently under construction that will be open soon, as well,” added Larking.
Larking said opening the temporary casino will create jobs sooner and allow employees to gain experience before working in the permanent one.
“It won’t be the full amount that’s necessary for the full casino, but they’ll be able to get a good group of them together. They’ll have them trained. They’ll get some experience. By the time the casino opens fully, they’ll have at least a good core group of employees who can either help train others or be the backbone of what is needed to be done,” explained Larking.
The city wants to use the casino revenue to jump start economic growth for the community.

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