Luxury Minimonies In Southern Excellence

Eloping Made Easy!

Craving a wedding without the headache of endless planning? Dreaming of something intimate, maybe even spontaneous – like, this week spontaneous?

Basic Luxury Minimony Ceremony Package - $595.00

  • Aisle-worthy tunes

  • An officiant to make it official

  • A Belmont Mansion insider for an hour to witness your "I do's"

  • Two hours in the mansion for the ceremony and all the selfies and snaps you want

  • Bring along up to 18 of your favorite people

Luxury Minimony Ceremony Package - $995.00

Everything in the Basic, plus...

  • Pop some champagne to celebrate

  • A small wedding cake for that sweet moment

  • A bouquet and boutonniere to look the part

  • Two hours with a pro photographer, with your pics ready in six weeks

  • Two hours of mansion vibes for your ceremony, those perfect shots, and cake slicing

Luxury Minimonies

Luxury Minimonies are your mid-week escape to matrimony, available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, by appointment only. Let's make it unforgettable, without the fuss.

As much as we love to keep minimonies simple...

Sometimes, you just can't!
We get it, simplicity has its charm, but sometimes, you've just gotta crank it up a notch.
Can't keep it minimal? No sweat. Dive into our a la carte options to amp up your day from special to legendary.
Extra pals crashing the party? $50.00 per head after the first eighteen.
Want to shower everyone with champagne? That's $5.00 per guest to make it rain bubbles.
More mouths to feed? Cake it up for $5.00 a slice for anyone beyond the eighteenth guest.
Lock in your epic upgrades 10 days out. Because spontaneity has its limits, and perfection needs a heads-up.